Smile Academy will be taking digital x-rays on your child using a Nomad (hand held) portable machine. The usage of X-rays with dental exams is very beneficial.

What’s the main reason for X-rays?

There are times where the naked eye cannot detect decay but an X-ray can.

Is taking X-rays safe for my child?

Absolutely. Each child will be covered with a lead apron prior to taking any x-rays. The Nomad is very safe, if not safer than the taking of conventional x-rays per the FDA.

Typical films that will be taken are:

  • Bitewing X-ray. These films show the top and bottom teeth on one film. These films show decay that is on the tooth, in-between the teeth or under an existing filling.
  • Periapical X-ray. These films show the entire tooth including the root of a specific tooth. These films are taken for example, to look for impacted wisdom teeth, tooth aches, or infection (abscess).

Can these X-rays be sent to my child’s dentist?

Yes. We are able to send over any of our X-rays to your dentist per request.

Are X-rays covered by insurance?